Expertise and working experience

Working Experience in over 14 countries Working Experience in over 14 countries

The THI-Team and especially our CEO, Thomas Hinrichsen, have worked in several countries all over the world and experienced the importance of intercultural communication. When expanding into a foreign country, missed opportunities are common, because of unintended intercultural misunderstanding. THI helps to adapt and integrate faster into the local market by being the interface between the expanding company and the local market. 


In addition to the international experience, we have following expertise in which we support our clients:

- Optimizing of sales processes

- Optimizing of production and process controlling

- Optimizing of portfolio

- CRM Management

- HR Management

- Integration of SAP

- Project Management

- Restructuring and post-merger integration

- Interim Management


German Office

Ettighofferstraße 78

53123 Bonn



TEL: +49-228-9628-6232

Japan Office


4-18-19 Takanawa,

Minato-ku, Shinagawa

108-0074 Tokyo


TEL: 080 8837 1746

FAX: 03 93 5798 3587