If your business is starting struggling or if you want to expand in new markets or countries, you may ask for external support. It usually has an amazing positive impact and speeds-up the processes.

We are very motivated to support you and to guide you through your business challenges to success.

All what we are during will be highly confidential between the client and TH International.


Our focus is on small and midsize companies and family companies up to 200 employees.


Just have a look whether our services will fit your needs. We are more than pleased to answer any questions.


For any questions or first contacts please do not hesitate to contact us.




Yours TH International Team


German Office

Ettighofferstraße 78

53123 Bonn



TEL: +49-228-9628-6232

Japan Office


4-18-19 Takanawa,

Minato-ku, Shinagawa

108-0074 Tokyo


TEL: 080 8837 1746

FAX: 03 93 5798 3587